Why Uday Kiran committed suicide

Young Telugu actor Uday Kiran allegedly committed suicide on late Sunday night by hanging himself at his apartment in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad.

Though the exact reason behind his extreme step is yet to be known, the buzz is that the actor ended his life after being depressed over his dull career.

Police suspect that family disputes could be the reason behind his suicide.

Uday Kiran’s last message: I love you

According to reports, Uday Kiran ringed in the New Year in Bangalore and returned to Hyderabad on January 2. Uday Kiran’s wife Vishitha said that he was not in the best of his moods for the past two weeks. She also admitted to have observed suicidal tendencies in Uday and tried to divert his mind every time. He even told his wife that he did not want to live.

The young actor was alone in his apartment, while his wife went to a birthday party which he was supposed to join. He called his close friends and reportedly clued them about his suicide. Soon after they realised what was coming, they repeatedly called him but in vain. When Uday failed to turn up the party, his wife tried reaching him over the phone. After repeated attempts to reach him over the phone failed, she rushed home only to find him hanging from the ceiling in their room. The actor was taken to the Apollo Hospital where the doctors declared him dead.
His last message was sent to his wife “I Love You”. His sudden death has shocked the film industry.

The police has seized his cellphone but did not find any suicide note. The Forensic team has taken possession of his goggles, thread he used for hanging and Slippers. The police is also examining his call records.

The time his career dropped…

Uday Kiran began his career with ‘Chitram’ in 2000. Uday Kiran had acted in over 18 films and he won the Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telgu) in 2001 for his role in Nuvvu Nenu.

Till  ‘Nuvve Nuvve’ and ‘Nee Sneham’, his career was steady and Uday continued to be the lover boy of Tollywood with his boy-next-door looks. When his career was at its peak, he was engaged to Megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter. But the engagement was broken controversially. His career started declining thereafter and he received no offers.

He also acted in several Tamil Films which also bombed at the box office. He was last seen in an action entertainer ‘Jai Sriram’.

After conducting postmortem, his body will be shifted to the Film Chamber to allow fans and well wishers to pay their last respects.

He will be cremated at the Panjugutta burial ground in the evening.

Uday Kiran has crores of assets in Hyderabad: Father Murthy

Expressing shock and disbelief over his son’s suicide, Uday Kiran’s father Murthy said that Uday was a man of courage.  He suspected a strong reason behind his son’s extreme step. “Uday Kiran has crores of assets in Hyderabad,” he said adding one cannot achieve anything post death but achieve everything by staying alive.
He revealed that Uday Kiran was not on talking terms with his father for the past 6 years. “He distanced from me thinking that I was misusing his properties. He did not even inform me about his marriage.”
According to the father, Uday Kiran had no financial problems. When asked on when will he pay his last respects, Murthi replied that he will visit after his daughter reaches Hyderabad. “My daughter called me. She said that she wants to accompany me to see his body.”

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