V6 News Channel Launched Today

V6 News Channel V6 news channel launched today Modest. Test signal on air. promos are good (one or two copied). There is no pro telangana Promos. Its good. So Ap get another HMTV. Owners telanganites news pro UAP. Because there is no way to these channels get ratings. HMTV totally Supporting UAP in their news. Telangana people expecting V6 gives Pro telangana news. Tv9 to Studio n all channels had single agenda. That is Anti Telangana, Pro UAP. Let us wait to knew this channel agenda. Almost all channels agenda Ratings only. Telangana had only one rating (HYD) centre. But we have three Rating centres Visaka, Tirupati, Vijayawada. We have a lot of wisdom in up the rise of the skins of others. AP Media working for UAP. Thanks to our telugu news channels.

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11 Responses to V6 News Channel Launched Today

  1. uday says:

    Complete news eppatinundi start avuthundhi?any idea?

  2. Konda bupathi says:

    I need a job in v6 channel urgently

  3. suresh jilla says:

    hai first congrats to antireteam of v6 i want serve for people throgh the media im so exciting when lunched v6 channel and i want learn more for people. give me one chance for serve the people

  4. Mohd Imran says:

    Congrats to total team of v6 I want 2 Serve 2 Media SO I want 2 Support 4 a True Media I Expectingto get a Job in ur V6 Channel

  5. jali srinivas reddy says:

    v6 will be the greatest news channel in a.p

    can you send information about
    address and jobs

  6. another channel from telangana.
    Lets hope that this channel will show the news as it is………

  7. shiva says:

    IS this channel only for telangana news or total AP news……?

  8. I am working as an anouncer & news reader in All India Radio in 7years expiriance,warangal.,so kindly request u to i need a job appartunity in your V6 channel plz help me

  9. v says:

    Thanks a lot for the information on the news channel

  10. viswanath says:

    let us hope the channel will continue
    with the same temper ; all the best

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