Uday Kiran’s death: Telugu actors still settling personal scores?

Tollywood hero Udaya kiran (33) committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling inside his house at Srinagar colony in Hyderabad on Sunday night.
Uday Kiran’s death has left his friends, colleagues and fans shocked. Only few heroes namely Srikanth, Tarun, Aryan Rajesh and Tanish rushed to the hospital.
But no major hero from the film industry has come to pay last respects. This has shocked the fans of Uday Kiran and sparked a debate.
Some heroes who are not available in the city have reacted and shared their condolences on social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook, while some heroes and directors who are much present in Hyderabad are not seen anywhere near either Uday’s home or the hospital.
Brahmana Seva Sangam president Dronamraju Ravi Kumar has an interesting explanation for this. He says, “Only two castes rule Tollywood.” This perhaps is the reason why nobody is allowed to come and pay their homage to the departed soul. He demanded a probe into Uday Kiran’s suicide with a sitting judge.
He even said that public are well aware of who is behind Uday Kiran’s death. It is known fact  that  in 2003, He was engaged to Chiranjeevi`s daughter but the marriage was called off for unknown reasons

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