Uday Kiran’s death couldn’t melt his father’s heart

Actor Uday Kiran committed suicide to end his misery. However, problems continue to plague the young actor even after his death…All on filmi style!

His brother ended his life when Uday was ten years, later his mother passed away and his father distanced from him after the latter’s second marriage.
Latest reports suggest that Uday Kiran’s body has been kept at the NIMS mortuary as there are no takers to claim his body. While Uday’s father said that he will pay last respects to his son only after his daughter arrives from Kuwait, the actor’s father-in-law is unable to take a call on his son-in-law’s cremation. This apathy towards the former lover boy of Tollywood who had hatrick hits has everyone shellshocked.
While the members from the Film chamber on their part arranged everything at NIMs, they are not in a authority take any  further steps as they want permission from Uday’s family members to make funeral arrangements. On the other hand, Uday’s wife in inconsolable.
“I have no idea. I am not in his touch from the past 6 years. I don’t even have his phone number. I didn’t even know about his marriage,” this blunt statement of Uday’s father Murhty shocked everyone.
Uday’s fans were appalled to hear this and have expressed disbelief at the way the father has reacted to the news of his own son’s death. They feel any father, no matter the animosity between them, would rush to take a  last look at his son in times of such tragedies. But Uday’s father chose to wait for his daughter to see his son who has already left this world!
“Uday is  reconstructing his life. He got one advertisement in Mumbai. But his sudden death has shattered me and I hope this is false news,” said one of Uday’s close friends. Uday Kiran’s last call was made to his close friend Bhupal who is living in Chennai.

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