Tribal woman commits suicide at police station

Allegedly unable to bear police harassment, a 45-year-old woman, Guguloth Sakki, committed suicide by hanging at Tekulapalli police station in the district on Wednesday.

Her family members and relatives staged a dharna in front of the police station, protesting against the high-handedness of the police. Several Girijan organisations and people’s organsations including political parties expressed their solidarity with the Girijans.

According to details, Sreenu, son of Guguloth Sakki, had an altercation with his neighbor Janakiram over a petty issue. In a fit of anger, Sreenu attacked Janakiram with a knife.

The incident happened three days ago. Since then the police have been searching for Sreenu. Sakki and her husband Rama were made to go to the police station for the last three days. They were not let off even when the police had taken Sreenu into custody. The tribal woman expressed her anguish at the cops forcing them to stay at the police station, but nobody paid any heed to her.

Surya, a constable attached to same police station, reportedly scolded her in a filthy language on Wednesday. Sakki who could not bear the humiliation any longer went to the bath room in the police station and committed suicide by hanging with her saree.  A woman constable, who noticed it, immediately informed the higher officials. Sakki was rushed to the police station but the doctors declared her brought dead.

Illendu DSP Krishna assured the agitating crowd that he would conduct an inquiry and taken action against the guilty. The protesters demanded Rs 5 lakh compensation and employment to one of the family members.

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