Tejpal says woman was staying out late at night

Tehelka editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal, accused of sexually assaulting a woman journalist, Tuesday said she stayed out late into the night during the ThinkFest conference held earlier this month in Goa.

Tejpal in his anticipatory bail application moved before the Delhi High court said the encounter with the woman employee was “light hearted bantering”.

The journalist has accused Tejpal of sexually assaulting her twice at a five-star resort in Panaji.

“The colleague referred above (complainant of the case), continued to party and was completely normal and friendly all throughout stay in Goa,” Tejpal said in his bail plea.

“She was at every party and social events through the conference and stayed out late into the night,” he said.

Tejpal said the meeting with his employee and complainant Nov 7 was only light hearted bantering.

He said the nature of the meeting can be easily established by a perusal of the CCTV footage of Hotel Hyatt, Goa, which is within the knowledge and reach of Goa Police but the same has been blatantly ignored by the investigating agency.

“That on Nov 8, a further meeting took place between the two individuals but the same lasted for few seconds and contained no incident which could constitute the commission of a cognisable offence,” Tejpal said.

He said that subsequent to the said meeting, he did not have any further interaction with the woman.

There was not a single whisper from any corner including the complainant that any alleged untoward occurrence had taken place during the Thinkfest, Tejpal said.

He alleged that the complaint was clearly motivated, false and an afterthought and the allegations against him were based on media reports.

Tejpal termed the alleged incident as belated and an afterthought and that it was reported after 10 days.

He said the CCTV footage of Hotel Hyatt, Goa for Nov 7 and 8, 2013, will establish his innocence.

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