South Indians Cannot Touch Nude Lady

The concept of boldness, bikini feasts, semi nude temptations and complete nude shockers runs high in the Bollywood circuit. As a result, there are many who come from different parts to flaunt their oomph. But the biggest and most unexpected addition to the Indian cine industry is the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone.

After making her debut with the film ‘Jism 2’ Sunny has become even more famous. Generally whenever someone sizzles in Mumbai that person’s next stop is Hyderabad. The Tollywood folks are very good at grabbing such hot birds. But this it appears that touching Sunny is almost out of question.

The reason for that is the budgets to maintain Sunny. Just for a dance show during the New Year celebrations, Sunny had reportedly demanded a whopping Rs 1 crore. It is also heard that for her next movie Sunny has reportedly charged few crores. Looking at her price range, the Telugu folks might stay off from this nude bombshell.

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