Soundarya’s relatives fight over her property

Relatives of popular Telugu actress Soundarya, who died in a plane crash in 2004, are fighting a legal battle over her property, which is estimated to be worth Rs.50 crore.

Her mother KS Manjula and her ex-husband GS Raghu are on one side, while her sister-in-law Nirmala, widow of Amarnath, and her son Sathvik on the other. The late actress reportedly left a will and as per its contents, Soundarya owned six properties, besides gold ornaments and other assets.

According to sources, the will reportedly bequeathed a house to Sathvik. Another house, which was being constructed then, is a joint property of her mother, brother’s family and her family.

The income from the property in Hyderabad was to be divided equally between her mother, brother and his family and her husband and children, it said.

The other two properties are bequeathed to her husband and children. The legal battle started when Amarnath’s son Sathvik approached a court saying his right to own property were thwarted by his grandmother who was not honouring Soundarya’s will.

The matter got worse and both the parties filed complaints in a police station, Bengaluru. Advocate Dhanraj, counsel for Soundarya’s sister-in-law, has filed a defamation suit against Manjula and Raghu for defaming his clients in a police complaint filed in Sadhashivanagar Police Station, Bengaluru alleging that the will executed in 2003 was forged. The local court accepted his petition for and summoned Manjula and Raghu for a hearing November 2.

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