Skin Surgery For Nayantara

It is quite common for the heroes and heroines to go through cosmetic surgeries or something medical to ensure that they are in shape and look attractive forever. However, none of that stuff comes into the open. But here is one girl who is likely to go through a skin surgery for a different reason.

She is none other than Nayantara. Apparently, the discussion is on about the tattoo she has. Well, this tattoo has a story. It was engraved by Nayan showing her undying love for Prabhu Deva when they were together. However, their relationship fell apart, Prabhu moved to Mumbai and Nayan is working with vengeance in the south.

But the tattoo is not gone yet. Close sources to the actress reveal she has kept that as a reminder never to forget the bitterness and work with more fury in films. For now, the tattoo was seen in Nayan’s last film ‘KVJ’ but now it is heard that she is preparing to go in for a surgery to get that removed. Let us hope she does that soon which would be a clear message that Nayan has started a new life.

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