Sexy Lady Brings Hot Summer In Winter

The winter season is yet to be over and the chillness is still felt in the air but suddenly there has been a change in the atmosphere of filmnagar and Tollywood. It has turned hot and this is due to the presence of one sexy lady who is raising the heat. She is none other than Kriti Kharbanda.

This strikingly beautiful girl from Bangalore has been creating ripples of excitement with her hot looks. Kriti will soon be seen in the film ‘Ongole Gittha’ and recently few stills from the film were released which showed the oomph and appeal of this starlet. A chunk of galleries are coming across various media houses.

The total focus is on Kriti’s twisted navel and curvaceous fold of her hips. She is not only looking like a very romantic girl but she also has that cute sex appeal. The cine folks are saying that Kriti is bringing the hot summer in winter with her stunning looks. A large amount of hype and interest got generated on ‘Ongole Gittha’ after looking at Kriti’s pictures so let’s hope this leads to good success.

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