Rani will be a lovely mother: Kareena

 Actor Rani Mukerji, who wed producer and filmmaker Aditya Chopra a few months back, recently said that she would be happy to have kids.

And actor Kareena Kapoor Khan feels that Rani, her co-star in several movies, will make a wonderful mother. “I am sure she (Rani) will be a lovely mother because I know her personally and she is also very much like me … extremely passionate about what she does,” says Kareena.

However, the 33-year-old Kareena confesses that she isn’t ready to enter the world of motherhood, just as yet. “Personally, I am not ready for it … not at least for the next two years. It’s not a thought on my mind. I can only speak for myself because I am very passionate about what I do whether it is my career (or anything else) … this is not on my mind,” says Kareena, who married actor Saif Ali Khan almost two years back. However, she’s not averse to the idea of having a child. “I am not scared at all. I think that every woman has that seed and it’s beautiful. It just has to be done at the right time. I am very happy advocating for children’s education and working for the children of our country right now,” she adds.

The actor is currently happy spending time with niece, Samaira, and nephew Kiaan (sister Karisma’s children), as well as Saif ‘s children – Sara and Ibrahim. “We are a family, so there is nothing in particular (that we do). Spending time together or even having a meal is lot more than actually just going out,” says Kareena.

Family is a major priority in her life, she stresses, and says that she makes time for Saif. “We have long working schedules, but we ensure that we spend quality time with each other,” says Kareena.

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