Ramaiya Ravodayya

This is about spoilt coconuts and cow dung. It is further about how practice makes a man imperfect. It is also about terrakota horses and laughs about guys urinating on another. It is about messing up with ‘Nuvvuostanante…’ and in a rather contrived manner establishing the credentials of Sid as an actor and about how translations can get lost in the context of changing milieus. It is also an awful debut for an actor who seems to have rushed to acting without honing his skills. Prabhudheva is over the hill and is obviously carrying his luck as the remake maker too far.

To the uninitiated, it is about a millionaire couple, Poonam Dhillon and Randhir Kapoor, from Australia. The couple are at logger heads and she is projected as the shrew. Their spoilt brat son Ram (Girish Taurani) comes to India for the wedding of his cousin, the daughter of Mama (Satish Shah). The gal has a friend Sona (Shruti Haasan), a glam doll tucked away in the village with a brother fixation. The flashback has it that the siblings Sona and Raghuveer (Sonu Sood) were orphans early when Ma dies of spousal rejection. Cared for by the local station master (Vinod Khanna) and exploited by the local Lalaji (Govind Namdeo), the siblings overdo their commitment bit. Now at the sets of Sooraj Barjatya (read family wedding), the hyper Ram and sober Sona fall in love.

But Mom –the –terrible (Poonam) wants her son to marry rich and silly bimbo Dolly (Pankhuri Awasti) with a crazier dad (Nasser) to boot. The rich poor divide read alongside rural urban fracture finds Ram in the village with the challenge thrown at him by Bhai looking Bhaiya Raghuveer. Of course everyone in the audience which includes the wailing three year old knows that Ram is going to win. You also have village Lalaji’s stupid son who is desperate about Sona in his family. If all this were not dumb enough, you have this character whose only role in the film is to drop whatever she is holding on hearing the word Sambahal ke.

The film is simply out of gear. The Telugu version was not just a big hit but also pleasant on the eye. This is not. This time it seems too contrived and in any way while the original worked largely because of Sid, Trisha and the support cast including Prakash Raj, the replacements simply lack the wherewithal to carry the narration with any degree of conviction. While Randhir looks faded, Poonam Dhillon continues to be the non-actress she is. Shruti who seemed to be coming into her own is a mess yet again.

The major failure in the film is Girish who obviously has made it this far, thanks to Dad. Money bags can help with a good launch, but the deliverables with the actor and here the lad is unpretentiously wanting. A six packs and nimble foot do not an actor make. Vinod Khanna is his usual dignified self. The one guy who is worth noticing is Sonu Sood. He is not the evil he is often made out to be, but yet ends up in jail. He does calm and under played loud in an otherwise loud chaotic world. ‘Ramaiya Vastavaiya’ is better titled Ramaiya Ravodayya.

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