Rajdeep Sardesai Super Troll & Hate Monger

I’m not sure where I read it (probably from Stephen Covey) but this little story is important for chronic haters like Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose. A married couple had the college going cousin sister of the wife move in with them as she starts college. Soon the small town cousin starts dressing and moving around like a regular city girl. Hubby and wife can’t stop talking about her skirts and how short they have become. Every evening hubby comes home and says “Honey, I’m home what did the girl do today”? The wife would then tell him how she changed her boyfriend again and got her nose pierced. They would gossip about the girl every evening on the dinner table and right up to bed-time. Sometimes it was the cousin’s hairstyle, her revealing tops, her boyfriends, her long phone calls, her sex life, her taste of books, blah blah. This gossiping and hateful bitching went on happily for years.
The hubby and wife had nothing to discuss but the activities and behaviour of the cousin. They had nothing but contempt and disgust for her. One fine day the cousin announced she was getting married and moving out. She did! A day after the wedding when the hubby came home from work the couple had a very silent dinner and went to sleep quietly. They had absolutely nothing to discuss. The focus of all their gossip had gone and they realised they had spent all those years discussing nothing but the cousin and now had nothing to talk about. They had spent their days gossiping about the girl and now hardly knew each other or what to talk about.
For long, people like Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha have been gossiping and spewing hatred for Modi. Now they can’t write or think of a life without him. Wonder what these haters will do if at all Modi becomes PM. Have silent dinners and go to sleep without a word to each other? I can bet my last 6-rupee coin that none of these people can eat, drink or sleep a day without hating and gossiping about Modi in their lives.
The other day I was talking to a friend about our MSM. I was telling him that many in the media are not very different from the party for whom they are propagandists. They owe their existence to where they are from dynastic favours. There are many such persons but let’s deal with one such man who loves calling everybody a troll. Rajdeep Sardesai is quite like his female version, Barkha Dutt, who too likes to call everyone who disagrees or criticises a troll. These two combined are the biggest trolls on TV and on Twitter if one observes carefully. In this one we’ll give Barkha a rest and focus on super-troll Rajdeep. Here’s a man filled with too much hatred for one man in his life; Narendra Modi. You could even say Rajdeep was born to troll Modi. It’s not for nothing that Modi told him in an interview in 2012 “You have to hear me out, you earn your Roji-roti by abusing me”.  Oh well, Modi is ignorant. Rajdeep has earned lot more than mere “rotis” by abusing Modi for over a decade.
So when RS comes out with another dose of unadulterated bile for Modi and his party he puts out a warning: Feedback welcome, no trolling. He’s referring to his article titled “It is one vs the many” in a member of the Unholy Trinity, Hindustan Trolls on March 7. To cut the long story to a micro skirt, like that of the cousin, the article is another trolling effort in how Modi is a polarising figure and why he’s not fit for PM and so on. Suddenly, the hate-mongers are finding LK Advani a far more attractive candidate for PM.  Rajdeep also states BJP is being called the “Hindu Divided Family”. Really? Who calls them that? I’ve never heard of this before so it has to be the gossiping couples of MSM at dinner tables and at bedtime. So what exactly rattles this Congress crony? Hmm.. I guess it’s that speech of Narendra Modi during the BJP Council meet on Sunday, March 3, 2013.
I have turned many nonsensical headlines by the MSM into enjoyable comedy. First it was the series of “Blow to Modi” which became popular on Twitter. Then it was “What about malnutrition in Gujarat” which is now being used to show up the liars and hate-mongers in the MSM. So what exactly was Rajdeep doing while Modi was giving his speech? Er… he was busy TROLLING Modi. Take a look at all the tweets he sent out while Modi was speaking:
One of the rules for a writer or a journalist is to first listen to understand before commenting. Rajdeep doesn’t have that patience. He wants to troll Modi all the way. ELEVEN TWEETS? Haha! If that is not trolling, what is? And no Rajdeep, you are not being called “paid media” for criticising Modi, you are being called “paid media” for other reasons. When you find time from gossiping about Modi and hating him you will learn why. And if Rajdeep was busy trolling Modi, his Dubiosity Editor, Sagarika Ghose, wasn’t far behind either. Besides trolling Modi, Rajdeep also tries to somehow balance his hatred by stating something and then balancing it like a bad monkey with the usual lies and half-truths. In April 2012 a member of Rajdeep’s extended family, Firstpost, detailed his exaggerated and mindless contempt for social media.
Sample the depth of Rajdeep’s hatred for Modi. In a report on March 8, CNN-IBN quotes the PM’s line from parliament: “jo garajte hain, woh baraste nahi”. Seems the target of that line was Modi. Fair enough! The Hindi line used by PM clearly means “Whoever thunders does not shower” and that may have been in reference to Modi’s speech. But what does hate-filled Rajdeep read it as? He reads it as “Bhokte kutte kattey nahin” and then translates into English as “Barking dogs seldom bite”. Now, I haven’t seen anyone direct so much hatred at a person to enrich their life as Rajdeep has been doing for over a decade. And then Rajdeep expects Twitter to be kind to him. What a moron! And now imagine that he heads an organisation. He also probably spends time in inculcating such hatred in all his team members. His deputy is a racist in addition to being a hater. And he still wonders why people call him “paid media”.
It’s a different story that half of Rajdeep’s tweets are filled with lies. There are more encounters in other states like UP which aren’t being prosecuted. Latest reports, which have come as a slap on the face of many who talked about malnutrition in Gujarat, suggest malnutrition is worse in Delhi. Of course, Sheila Dikshit is a darling for Rajdeep & Co. Never mind all that. It’s that Rajdeep should know he trolls more than anyone else and has no business to complain about abuse or play victim. Learn it Rajdeep, you’re not a Kashmiri Pandit to claim “victimhood” of being thrown out of his land. You’re just a third rate journalist who has lived a life of abusing people for your political pursuits. So stop claiming abuse and complaining about trolls. Go back home, have some good juicy gossip and bitch about Modi over dinner. That mindless hatred makes your life.

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