Potugadu Movie Review

Yet another weekend dedicated to lack of quality, yet another formulaic look at cinema at its dreadful dreary vainglorious screech. The only difference is the day of release. That is where the entire new thought seems to have gone into.The scene is surely getting alarmingly bereft of any class and if we refuse to hear the alarm bells, the fire will catch on with the winds and we would be accused of being silent spectators to an era of preposterous films.

Take the one on hand. We have Govinda (Manchu Manoj) up a hillock on the way to commit suicide. Joining him with a similar mission is another stranger Venkat Ratnam (Posani Krishna Murali). The latter is a software engineer who is jilted in love and decides to take the final fatal leap. The reason why Govinda is on a similar trip, is the film.
Not very serious with life and without any responsibility whatsoever, he is the doted grandson of the village priest Neelakanta Shastry (Chandra Mohan). He falls in love with the local damsel Vaidehi (Simran Kaur). A contrived humour angle is added with Jambavathi (Geeta Singh) stepping in to play suitor. The entire love story between Vaidehi and Govinda, spurred by the rich poor divide, lacks conviction and soon we are told that the love birds have parted and Vaidehi has made it to the wedding altar with a NRI suitor.
The scene now shifts to Ali Khan (Sayaji Shinde) whose daughter Mumtaz (Sakshi Chowdary) is the next lass in line. This love story after a few meets and the assigned romantic number cracks when she overhears her lover talk disparagingly about love and matters thereof. He is beaten up by the local goons and is saved by this young lady (Anu Priya) for whom he really falls in love. In the meanwhile, he has an item affair with Stacy (Rachel) who is in love with Govinda’s employer (Pavan Wadeyar) but finds herself in the arms of her lover’s chauffeur.
So far so good. The film could have at best frivolous and excusable but in the final moments it gets complicated with a sex racket and villains coming in. There is the usual filmy romance projected without taste. Poorly scripted and with matching execution by the cast and crew you know you have been led to yet another frivolous exercise.
No one is required to do anything serious in the film. Nobody does. The cast can blame the script; the script can bounce it back on the cast. With three nay four heroines, the script is not going to do justice to anyone. Sakshi gets the favour of the director and turns out to be the final winner in the hurdles race. She also looks better and presents herself better. Posani Krishna Murali delivers just what is expected of him and so does Ali in a brief appearance.  Obviously, the film depends largely, actually, solely on Manchu Manoj and the verdict is clearly that he fails to take the film and its poor script to shores of salvage.
                   -L Ravichander
Cast       : Manoj, Simran Kaur, Sakshi Chowdary, Anu Priya and Posani, Krishna Murali
Music       : Achchu
Direction      : Pavan Wadeyar
Genre       : Romantic-action
Rating      : **

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