New syllabus for SSC from 2014-15


Government has accorded permission to the Director of State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) on Tuesday to go ahead with the revision of curriculum for the academic years 2013-14 and 2014-15. According to sources, new syllabus will be introduced for classes 4,5,8 and 9 from next year and a total revision of curriculum for the all important class X from 2014. Government has also given its nod for adoption of NCERT syllabus on most of the counts and Capacity Building of Teachers.

SCERT intends to put more focus on fundamentals in science subjects and including new topics like Human Rights in Social Studies to make the state students compete on par with students of other states and Boards in the national level exams.

SCERT has taken up development of State Curriculum Frame Work based on National Curriculum Frame Work 2005 (NCF), RTE and National Curriculum Frame Work for Teacher Education-2010. As part of development of State Curriculum Frame Work eighteen (18) focused groups have been formulated and developed 18 position papers. All of them were placed on the website for public scrutiny and comments. An Action Plan was prepared based on the position papers and comments and submitted before state level advisory committee and the government for approval.

Syllabus and learning material such as teacher handbooks and workbooks for children for the co-curricular areas like Art and Craft, Music and Dance, Ethics and Value Education, Work Education, Health and Physical Education, Human Rights etc will also be developed as per the Action plan.

SCERT will ask NCERT for the copy right permission for adopting the textbooks of Mathematics, Science, English pertaining to class VIII to X and 1st Language Hindi Textbooks for classes IV, V and VIII to X as per the terms and conditions of NCERT. The NCERT textbooks are for adaption duly contextualizing the textbooks to the AP situation with improved examples, activities, exercise and illustrations, Seshukumari, Director of SCERT said.

It was also decided to take the help of some national level institutions and individuals as well depending upon the subject, topic and additional authentic information. text book development workshops will also be conducted at the expert institutions in order to use the available library and documentation resources including orientation of textbook writers, she said. Subject specific Editorial Boards, involving state and national level experts, who will be final authority for approving the revised textbooks, will be constituted soon.

Curriculum of Teacher Education courses i.e., Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) , Pandit Courses will be revised. Director of Andhra Pradesh State Higher Education Council was directed to prepare a plan for changes in B.Ed. and M.Ed. curriculum reflecting the RTE Act and state curriculum reforms in school education, sources said.

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77 Responses to New syllabus for SSC from 2014-15

  1. Ashok Vardhan Naidu says:

    Sir…Give detailed information about text books of higher classes of A.P.State board…..mention the syllabus synapsis and Index.

  2. Ashok Vardhan Naidu says:

    Respected Sir,
    The syllabus for SSC{A.PState} is going 2 change from the academic year 2014-15 is welcoming and appriciable one.But, Its t late… Usually State Syllabus is varied from Central syllabus..more over the contents of the syllabus are not useful at different Entance levels which is Conducted by Central Government Institutions and few more prestigious Private and Deemed Instituitions.
    No: of local Institutions making the children Knowledefully but not Skilfull..It is the one of the drawback’s to get good oppurtunities at the right time in their future/4th coming days .
    So,based on these all considerations&other important factors Syllabus should be modify…not only revise.

  3. Dear sir, first the teacher to know the new syllabus and also train up at new aspects . Pls donot delay supply of Textbooks

  4. johnson says:

    i would like to get the teacher manual and how can we implement this book more efficiently this book

  5. sreelakshmi says:


  6. satyanarayana says:

    please announce full syllabi for all subjects

  7. lakshmareddy.v says:

    Dear sir plese keep new syllabus in net so that teachers can prepare for teaching classes.

  8. vaibhav says:

    books shouldnot change for up coming ssc

  9. mallela.venkaiah says:

    Please announce tenth maths syllabus

  10. sowjanya .billa says:

    Sir ,please maintain continuity in concepts. Train up teachers on content.Take the suggestions of teachers. Prepare d syllabus according the level of the pupils.

  11. G. shabbir hussain says:

    Respected sir, when I expected the new syllabus of books in market or is there any website providing pdt format 2014-15 syllabus of all subjects.I hope positive response from yours.

  12. gowri snkararao balaga says:

    sir plz publish the syllabus of 10th for 2014-15 all subjectes

  13. KAVYA SREE says:

    Respected sir,
    please provide new topics of SSC on that it’ll be very useful to upcoming 10 th students as well as teachers.

  14. NARAYANA SWAMY says:

    Respected sir,
    please provide new topics of SSC on that it’ll be very useful to upcoming 10 th students as well as teachers.I think that is very important to the teachers atleast before 6 months

  15. jameel says:

    SIR WHY Govt changing the books if changed the problem will faced by 9th class students and they can’t get time to revise and also teachers are experienced this book so they can teach nicely SO,DOESN’T CHANGE SYLLABUS

  16. A.S.V.Sreenivas says:

    Please send me a.P. tenth class new syllabus

  17. singireddy says:

    please provide new topics of SSC .so that it’ll be very useful to upcoming 10 th students as well as teachers. it is not a trade secret. so please announce the syllabi if the info is available at yours.

  18. singireddy says:

    without proper preaparationfollowed by exercise by the teachers concerned,por students will come out in future.

  19. T. PRAVEEN NAIDU says:

    Dear sir, sincere thanks to the govt.for deciding change of x syllabus.
    It will be a great help for all the staff,if atleast the synopsis of the topics in new textbooks are published.Its painful that pvt.wb/Quest.Banks publishers are gettting info: much before than the schools and sub:teachers. Hope a postive response in this regard. thank you.

  20. rajuanumandla says:

    Government has been changedthe 6 to9 science classes syllbus on activity based.cce method develop the child thinking capacity in experimental way it is good.buthow manyschools maintaining lab. If any school maintaining it how many times childs visit s it . Howmany teachers does not depend ing on work books and guides. System should be changed.


    please send full revised syllabus of x class from the year 2014 for maths and physical sciences.

  22. sasi mannuri says:

    concps of classes 5 to 9 are good but not able to understand by student give a relation between concepts are must then only concept of cce is succeded

  23. raghunath medehal says:

    kindly intimate the new syllabus and exam pattern immediately so that 9th class children can get practice for the new syllabus and model at early.

  24. jeevitha says:

    Sir.please update the ssc syallabus on net as soon as possible because teachers and parents have to prepare themselves and they R very worried about their children.

  25. Rajesh Reddy says:

    Respected Sir. please update the ssc syallabus on net as early as soon..

  26. B.Kiranmai says:

    Sir,thanks for changing the syllabus but please
    intimate the syllabus of all subjects soon so that 9th class children can prepare well and release thw text books by january 2014

  27. lakshmi says:

    plz send market as early as possible why the reason is papers and online announce so many storiess weather it is right are wrong ou publish along paper model students can enjoy to read

  28. Srihari.y says:

    Please give me physicalscience syllabus

  29. SAMPATH says:


  30. satishlanke says:

    sir,…. it s too dificult to study please help all the students who are studing ssc and we are requeting to not to; change the syllabus

  31. N.L.Narasimha Rao says:

    Please release ssc 2014-15 exam syllabus and test books immediately.

  32. M.G.P.Sastry says:

    Respected sir, please realease the new syllabus of ssc mathematics inorder to prepare all the teaching community first. If we know the complete syllabi then we can guide all the studetns well.



  34. k venkat says:

    sir please send me ap 10th class new syllabus for2014-15 of hindi and telugu

  35. sir,
    pls send the detailed new x class syllabus through net. And give me website address.
    Syllabus will be declared in advance, minimum 6 months.Thank u.

  36. p srikanth says:

    pls sir send me atleast maths ,p s ,n s social studies for new syllabus for 2014-15

  37. Narayana says:

    i am waiting to new syllabus for 10th class. i really happy and thank you.

  38. rajender reddy says:

    please release the text books of ssc 2014-2015 batch, as early as possible to avoid the confusion in students, teachers and parents.

  39. purushotham says:

    When will the 10th class new syllabus for the year 2014-15 will be released

  40. DHANUNJAYA says:

    Please give me TELUGU syllabus & ENGLISH

  41. Respected Sir. please update the 10th Class Content and syllabus Subject wise on net as early as soon..

  42. j SunilKumar says:

    Please new tenth class text books in all subjects pls

  43. vasu says:

    Sir.please update the ssc syallabus on net as soon as possible because teachers and parents have to prepare themselves and they R very worried about their children.
    without proper preaparationfollowed by exercise by the teachers concerned,por students will come out in future.

  44. srinivas says:

    Put the new syllabus of 10th class for the academic year 20114-15 as early as possible in the net, so it becomes very convenient to the teachers as well as the students follow it.



  46. Rachana says:

    Please send me syllabus for English

  47. vamsi says:

    please send me new syllabus for all subjects

  48. MANISHA says:

    Please reveal the content in all subjects so that it would be helpful to the students and even teachers

  49. k.prasad says:

    please post the syllabus and prescribed text books of social and english

  50. manoj says:

    we want chapters of new syallabus

  51. subhaskar.vl says:

    Respected sir; thanks for changing new syllabus.l request you to send me new syllabus.

  52. Bhushankumar.vaddadi says:

    It is useful to students and teacher they have to again knowledge. But the syllabus is Main concentrate ,and consider on partical examples and diagrams. So put the new syllabus make fast. One’s remember that dsc candindidates. So fast..

  53. hari says:

    What about composite Telugu there is no composite syllabus provide please

  54. mounika says:

    pls supply books as early as possible. its hard to prepare if you delay. please

  55. v.v.subrahmanyam says:

    Respected sir,
    please announce all the subjects syllabus for SSC students for academic year.

  56. moinkhan says:

    sir. i want new sylabus ssc 2014-2015 books. it comes in marker or not if not came when will its come pls give the idear for me

  57. mounika says:

    can u plz update new syllabus of ssc .

  58. jagadish gulla says:

    we are very thankfull to govt of AP if u are provide us text books in advance

  59. Prabhakar dara says:

    Respected sir, sir pls announce the new maths syllabus as early as possible…….

  60. srilaxmi says:

    plz give me new syllabus of 10 th class atleast 2 lessons

  61. samhitha says:

    i am very excited and happy that now A.P students are going to give tough -compititon to all

  62. bhavani says:

    kindly send me total new syllabus of ( 10thclass) all subjects text books names ple.

  63. raghavteja says:

    we need text books for tenth new syllabus publish them in the market

  64. akshay babu says:

    Text books should not be change it will be risk to study.

  65. john babu,kopalle,kalla mandal,w.g says:

    respected Sir,
    please publish all the ssc text books as early as possible.because teacher may thorough read,got an Idea how teach the pupil.

  66. MAHIPAL says:

    Telugu teacher in recognised school, kindly help us to obtain New Syllabus for Class-10,(Second Language Telugu)

  67. k.Ganapathi. says:

    Xth class social syllabus give me online

  68. B.sujatha.yemmiganur says:

    new text books are defficult.

  69. B.Ganga Surendra says:

    Respected Sir thanks for changing syllubus.but i need for detailed explanation of in chapter wise

  70. karthik says:

    respected sir, please inform me when the new syllbus text books enter in to the market or in web so that i can by books fastly . thanking you

  71. varun kumar says:

    Respected sir
    sir I am a student of 10th class 2014-15 which syllabus is changing sir I want new syllabus of 10th class as early as possible
    Is the syllabus as easy are hard
    Thanking you

  72. mcsreddy says:

    Respected sir, when I expected the new syllabus of books in market or is there any website providing pdt format 2014-15 syllabus

  73. R V V KRISHNA MOHAN says:

    Sir, Pl. provide 10 class new syllabus in PDF form so as to understand the pattern – review the syllabus. Understand better and to prepare for the upcoming exams in advance.

  74. akber ali says:

    sir it is right to take right steps in time to update the knowledge of students to meet the competitive spirit and grade in their lives as to make them more skillful & perfect pleasure of life in future, provide full information further i future.

  75. P. Bhima Raju says:

    sir, if you send X text books (teacher 1copy atleast) before closing day of this year to each school, teachers may get awared and plans to how to teach it after re-opening

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