Modi ready for top post

New Delhi: Hours after Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed the corporates, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi tried to steal the thunder by revealing his desire to come out of Gujarat and serve the nation. “People are saying that I have repaid the debt of Gujarat and they are now asking me to repay the debt to India,” stated Modi.

He said that every person owes the debt to the Motherland and it was the duty of every person to repay the same. Modi said that a teacher and a doctor also repay the debt to the motherland. In fact, every child who owes the debt to his country should repay the same so that for the coming generation there is no debt to be paid.

Narendra Modi was inducted to the BJP Parliamentary Board on Sunday. By revealing his cards that he wants to come out of Gujarat, Modi has tried to silence his detractors in theparty, who was similarly eyeing for the topmost job.

The timing of his speech assumes significance as it comes on the day when Rahul Gandhi addressed the business honchos, unveiling his vision of a robust India and talking about inclusive growth. He, however, termed the speculation of his becoming the prime minister face of the party as “irrelevant.”

Modi, on the other hand, unlike Rahul, has all along nursed the ambition of coming to the national centrestage and does not want to remain confined to Gujarat, especially when his Congress rival is being projected as successor to Manmohan Singh.

Both Rahul and Modi, the undeclared Prime Ministerial candidates, have begun to move the India Inc. Modi is slated to address the women’s wing of FICCI on Monday and speak on the topic “Unleash the Entrepreneur within: Exploring new avenues.”

Interestingly, when Rahul is fighting shy of openly declaring his candidature, Modi is getting restless to bid for the country’s top post. Modi is aware that the delay in announcing his candidature for the top post will create new problems for him. NDA Working Chairman L K Advani is not pleased with his ascent in the party and so is Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj. Before it gets too late, Modi is lobbying with BJP President Rajnath Singh to make the official announcement. Modi wants to be taken seriously by the people as the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, unlike Rahul Gandhi, who is still nervous about his new assignment.

Given the paucity of time with elections fast approaching, Modi wants to set the party in order.  With his supporters duly-installed in key positions in the party hierarchy, Modi wants to come out of Gujarat to serve the nation, by becoming the Prime Minister.

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