Kiss it goodbye!

Transpiring in a day, ‘Kiss’ is a sequence of events between two individuals – a petty thief Sunny (Sesh) and an upper class girl Priya (Priya Banerjee) – in San Francisco, US. Just when she is elated that she has finally got that elusive opportunity at Oxford to pursue her higher education, Miss V (V for Virgin) aka Priya as her American friends call her, is shocked to know that her conservative Dad has chosen a groom Ravi (Bharath) for her. Her pleas to let her study further go in vain.

However, her interaction with the prospective groom begins on a jarring note after he tries to get physical with her. Just as she decides to end her life, Sunny thwarts her plans of committing suicide and give her some gyan about life. Together they decide to wander around San Francisco to cheer her up and in the process, they both fall for each other. However, Ravi who is eight years elder to Priya, is on the lookout for her and is ready to go to any extent to marry her.

A film based on a done-to-death concept like this depends on how well the maker presents it and how interestingly he takes the story forward. Sesh understands this well and hence gets the San Francisco set-up and his brother as a co-writer. He manages to get attractive visuals, but fails in engaging the audience with a script although his brother’s dialogues do work on occasions. There is never a wow moment in the film and never a point where the film picks up pace. Crisp editing could have salvaged the movie. The only saving grace is the feel-good factor throughout, which can be attributed to the lead characters sensibilities and the set-up.

It is obvious that Sesh strives hard to look his character. He is not a tapori material although he calls himself an Ameerpet resident. He makes frantic attempts to bring some life into the proceedings but the wafer-thin line script and his mannerisms add to the woes of the film. NRI girl Priya Banerjee surprises you with her debut performance despite not knowing the language. Guess training at Anupam Kher institute helped her. Bharath goes over the top and is hardly convincing. Ramakrishna, Priya’s friend, imitates Mahesh Babu but makes a mess out of it.

Overall, ‘Kiss’, which stands for Keep it Simple Stupid, is dragged on and on and is too old-fashioned to be effective. Getting out of the theatres, more or less, one is bound to kiss goodbye to this!


Cast       :  Adivi Sesh andPriya Banerjee

Music       : Sricharan

Direction     : Adivi Sesh
Genre      :   Romantic drama
Rating      : **

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