Kevvu Keka ovie Review

The film is true to its title – loud and chaotic. With Allari Naresh in the lead, you know it is going to be a laugh riot and you are prepared for the illogical acts that can tickle you silly. However, at the end of this film, you realise that apart from a few tickling moments, the film is rather too laboured and the humour is far from natural.

Another golden rule that the filmmaker (Devi Prasad) chooses to overlook to his peril is that a long script is a ‘no no’ with a comedy. It is a bad idea to get all your jokes into a film just because you have had the opportunity to script a tale woven around the ridiculous. Textually this does not just hurt but deeply injures the end product.

Buchi Raju (Allari Naresh) is a salesman at a clothing outlet. His fiancé Mahalakshmi (Sharmila Mandre), however, tells her ambitious Dad Subba Rao (MS Narayana) that he owns the shop which is actually owned by someone else (Chalapathy Rao). While Buchi Raju is now struggling to make ends meet, it was not so very long ago. This is told to him by his man Friday Abracadabra Appa Rao (Krishna Bhagawan). He tells him how his dad was cheated of his wealth by Gotham Gopalakrishna (Aashish Vidyarthi ) and another.

GG has a bad marriage and an affair with his Secretary in Bangkok. Since he chooses her for special favours, her colleagues would like to get even with him and the lady secretary. Buchi Raju and Appa Rao too land in Bangkok. Three parallel kidnaps are planned. They go awry and the resultant confusion with other character walking in and out makes for the script.

Nothing wrong with the idea- actually a workable one, especially with the likes of Allari Naresh, Ali, MS Narayana and the rest. However, the director gets lost in the wilderness and the resultant product is a huge yawn. There are just too many people and too many things happening and this is the major undoing of the film. Many of the characters lack credibility and deliver rather than perform. Sharmila is a huge disappointment. In the first place she is simply not the kind who is ‘fall in love at first look’ types.

Even characters like Geeta Singh are wasted and just added to the script to make it claustrophobic. Actors like Krishna Bhagawan, Dhanraj and Ali do their bit but that is insufficient to push the film to the level of an engrossing entertainer. MS Narayana is as usual trying out his humour with an unmatched sense of timing. Allari Naresh does what he is good at, which includes a few digs at himself. All this, however, is insufficient to make the script worth the while. This is a clear case of trying too much, just too much and in the process letting go a good opportunity

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