Hyderabad Professor Guru Prasad’s Kids found dead

Recently, ICFAI professor Guru Prasad has committed suicide on a railway track and his dead body was found by the police and they recognized his yesterday.

Guru Prasad is fighting a divorce case against his wife. He had the custodial permission to be with his kids every weekend. As usual yesterday also Guru Prasad took the children along with him and committed suicide.

The search for the children ended bitterly. Their dead bodies are found here at Medchal Kalpatheruvu Residency.

Police tracked the dead professor’s mobile phone to Medchal. When police followed the lead they found the two kids dead buried behind the residency.

The kids’ bodies are burnt and later buried deep inside the ground. The police are investigating in the point of view of dual murder by the professor before committing suicide himself.

The observers and neighbors think for this mishap is due to psychological imbalance. Whatever the reason two innocent kids paid the price with their lives.

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