Hyderabad murder witnessed by CC cameras

There was a brutal murder at Langar Hauz of Hyderabad. Three persons murdered a man on the road and in the presence of people. Though the victim was running in fear, the assailants did not leave him. They hunted him like an animal and brutally stabbed him to death. Lingam Yadav, a goat merchant was the victim.

It was Thursday and the place was Lakshmi Nagar in Langar Hauz. The time was about 7. People were engrossed in their daily chores. Meanwhile, three persons who arrived on a Pulser bike accosted Lingam Yadav. Though other businessmen tried to save him, the assailants stabbed him to death.

The ghastly murder was recorded on the CC TV cameras in the area. Police who identified the assailants on the basis of the video footage, took them into custody. It is learnt that there were two murder cases pending against the deceased Lingam Yadav.

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