Hot ‘Guttha’ Sisters With Nithin And Mahat

The film industry is a place wherein anyone from any background can come and join it if they have the right kind of passion and talent for it. In that process, two sisters are coming into the Tollywood circuit and one among them is an international celebrity. We are talking about the Guttha sisters.

They are Jwala and Incy. Apparently, news is that Jwala Guttha who is a well known badminton player is making her foray with the film ‘Gundejari Gallantayyinde’ wherein she would be seen in a song. This marks the debut of Vijay Konda as the director and it is heard that Jwala will be seen in her badminton dress. The hero of the film is Nithin.

As for her sister Incy, she is doing a role in the new film ‘Backbench Student’ and this is directed by Madhura Sreedhar. This has Mahat Raghavendra as the hero. Well, given their backgrounds, it only shows their passion towards the art of cinema. Let’s wait to see how the Guttha sisters create their wave.

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