High Court orders inquiry against DK Aruna’s family

Hyderabad: The High Court directed the State government to inquire into the contents of a complaint against the family members of State Minister DK Aruna for their alleged involvement in illegal crushing operations at Mannapuram village of Tharrur mandal in Mahabubnagar district. The bench was dealing with a plea of  B Krishna Mohan Reddy, an ex-ZPTC member and a social worker of Gadwal town.  The petitioner sought a full-fledged inquiry into alleged illegal.

crushing operations undertaken by the minister’s husband D K Bharatha Simha Reddy and daughter D K Snigdha Reddy in the name of M/s Road Tech Private Limited, and also for diversion of PDS (public distribution system) kerosene for their crushing machines.

It is further alleged that the members of the Minister’s family had been misusing lease hold rights by extending crushing operations in about 20 hectares though the permission was meant for one hectare only.

It is also alleged that the Aruna’s family had been using PDS blue kerosene for crushing machines and that the unauthorised and illegal activities were still continuing due to strong political background.

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