Call all-party meet-Naidu shoots off letter to PM on T

Did not spell out stand on Telangana
Blames Cong for abdicating responsibility

Hyderabad: Apparently turning down the TDP Telangana Forum’s plea to submit a second letter to the Centre on T- issue, TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday night shot off a letter to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh urging him to convene an all-party meeting on the contentious issue of Telangana and resolve the matter immediately.

Naidu sent the letter to the Prime Minister immediately after a meeting he had with the Telangana and Seemandra leaders at NTR Trust Bhavan on Wednesday night.

Naidu did not spell out whether the TDP was in favour of bifurcation or not. He only said, “The approach adopted by the Government of India had caused enormous damage to the state. In the best interest of the people of Andhra Pradesh, the TDP urges the Prime Minister to resolve the issue on priority basis by calling an all-party meeting to settle it across the table. The most progressive state in the country has been deteriorating in all aspects over the past few
days due to the indecisiveness of the Centre on the issue of Telangana.”

Pointing out that the Congress which won 2004 election by forging alliance with TRS, it did not take any action on its election promise, Naidu said his party had already conveyed its opinion on Telangana to the Pranab Mukherjee Committee through its letter on October 18, 2008.

Alleging that the centre did not take any action on the report submitted by the Srikrishna Committee on the Telangana issue, the TDP leader said the recent union minister’s statement in parliament that the Congress had not yet given its opinion clearly shows that the party had abdicated its responsibility to resolve the issue for its political gains. “ Congress, of late, is reportedly having secret parleys with select parties like TRS and YSRCP exposing its gameplan to malign the TDP, keeping the 2014 elections in mind,” he said.

T TDP leaders like M Narsimhulu and Kadiam Srihari welcomed the letter.

Nothing new: KCR

Meanwhile, ridiculing the letter written by Chandrababu, TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao termed it as another exercise in deception. There is nothing new in it.

“Where should the resolution be moved? In parliament or the Assembly? Why was not the TDP forthcoming when we tried to move a resolution in the Assembly?” KCR reacted.

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