Anjali is Sivanageswara Rao’s Sexy Product

One of the most regarded and highly respected directors in the Tollywood circuit is Sivanageswara Rao. He has the credit of giving the much needed break to Ram Gopal Varma during the latter’s early days as an aspiring filmmaker. But now, more than RGV, Sivanageswara Rao is being thanked for something else.

Well, he has become the cause for discovering a very sexy product. That product is none other than actress Anjali. To those who are not aware Anjali is a Telugu girl and her first film as an actress is ‘Photo’. This was directed by Sivanageswara Rao and the film came in the year 2006.

Apparently, Anjali was his discovery earlier but no one cared much for her at that time. But after a brief stint in Kollywood and some mind boggling performances in Tamil, now Anjali has become the hottest star in Tollywood who is driving everyone crazy. Many are now looking up to Sivanageswara Rao for his choice.

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