All party chiefs to attend all-party meet : KCR

TRS Chief K Chandrashekar Rao has demanded the political parties, which are going to participate in the all-party meeting to be held on December 28 on Telangana issue at New Delhi, to send their party chiefs to the meeting.

Speaking to the media at his residence on Monday after the JAC meeting, KCR asked all the political party heads to participate in the all-party meeting personally and give assurance in writing that they are in favor of separate Telangana State.

He demanded the TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu and YSRCP honorary Chief YS Vijayamma to attend the all-party meeting at any cost. He warned all the political parties’ heads that the TRS will not allow them to move in Telangana region if they failed to give letters in favor of creation of separate Telangana State.

KCR said that he will attend the all-party meeting along with Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof.Kodandaram. KCR said that there was a chance that other political parties would invite Prof.Kodandaram if the TRS failed to invite the latter. He reminded that late Prof.Jayashanker had attended the all-party meeting earlier though the latter had no position in the party.

TRS Chief has alleged that Seemandhra media was not taking care of news about Telangana region. He has alleged that the Seemandhra media was not giving priority and were not at all telecasting the news of the TRS’s ‘Pallebata’ program though lakhs of people and activists were participating in it.

He advised the Seemandhra media to mend its ways at least now. He alleged that the Seemandhra media, which was giving top priority to the small news, was not giving priority to the Telangana news.

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