Action 3D’ Movie Review

It is a long time since action films came in Telugu. Some of the latest major projects of Hollywood and their sequels are being re-made to enthrall the audience. It is as part of these efforts, that a comedy film was made in Telugu, in 3 D format. At the outset, the effort should be appreciated. Producer Anil Sunkara who made a hit comedy like ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’ with Allari Naresh turned a director and presented this heavy comedy film in 3D. Let’s examine whether the film really provided good comedy or became a laughing subject.

Ajay (Kick Shyam) one of a group of four friends throws a bachelors’ party before his marriage to Bava (Allari Naresh), Purush (Raju Sundaram) and Shiva (Vaibhav) in Goa. They immerse themselves in partying and one morning they find Ajay to be missing. In the room, they find a tiger, a boy and a chicken. The comedy and mystery of that night form crux of the story of ‘Action 3D’.



Analysis: For audience to come to a theatre and a film to run with houseful collections, there should be some thrilling element. Hollywood super hit film ‘Hangover’ and two other films were rolled into one, to make ‘Action 3D’ on 3D format. As a measure of precaution, they took popular Tamil artiste Raju Sunndar, Kick Shyam and Vaibhav to make it a multi-language film.

Though it was claimed to be a comedy film, the censor board gave it ‘A’ certificate as there was adult content and raunchy jokes. The film came with a title that has no link with the story and narration. The very first scene on Sunil and Posani Krishna Murali itself made what was ahead clear. The narration was like a debate in Door Darshan. Though the entire film was grand and colourful, as there was no strength in the scenes, it turned out to be a logic-less comedy fiction. Though efforts were made to get along with the 3D effect, we get the feel of watching a comedy film only for five minutes of the two-and-a-half hour film. Everyone would wonder how Anil, a producer of big budget films made such a hotchpotch film, after turning into a director. Though there were four heroes, three top comedians Brahmanandam, Ali and MS Narayaa, apart from three glamour heroines, it only gave a feeling of watching a routine boring film. It never gave a feel of watching a comedy movie.

Apart from Anil, his team also should be made responsible for this failure. The film’s so called comedy which begins with the travel episode to Goa (tragedy to audience) has no comedy element excepting the Chimpanjee episode in the Zoo. We expect at lease some comedy relief in the second half, when the interval comes with a bang twist. Eega fame Sudip gives some relief after that. Mahesh trailer scene with Sudip, ‘Simhamanti Chinnodu’ mobile ring tone when Brahmi was near a tiger, Naresh ‘Nee Amma Naa Atto’ ring tone scene and may be one or two such incidents cause some humour. Nowhere else, we find comedy. Though Naresh looked fresh with a new hair style and gave a passable performance and Raju Sundaram was useful for padding with some punches, the characters of Vaibhav and Shyam remained dummies. Of the songs, Naresh’s ‘Nee Nadumompuna’ and ‘Swati Mutyapu Jallulalo’ remix, 3D effects, Raghavendra Rao style rich making gave some relief. The film was otherwise unbearable. The characters of Sneha Ullal and Kamna Jethmalani only cause pity on them. Even the comedy of MS as Boka Venkata Rao who does parody of ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Bommarilly’, the comedy scenes of Ali as ATM Jackson in Goa and Brahmanandam appeared to be only tragedy to the audience. Excepting the 3D shots, Sarvesh’s photography was below standard. Bappa – Bappi Lahari’s music is a big minus for the film. Editor Varma totally kept the keyboard aside, as he forgot even transition and changeovers. Though the efforts of Anil and Rama Brahmam to emerge as 3D movie makers was laudable, ‘Action3D’ would surely not appeal to the audience.

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