94.3 MY FM to hire ex employees

New Delhi:  India’s leading radio station 94.3 MY FM has decided to hire their ex – employees for current openings in the organization. MY FM plans to hire the ex employees with excellent track record in order to get back the talent who identified themselves with the brand philosophy & understood the corporate vision of the radio station. MY FM strongly believes that employees are the strength of an organization & ex employees have a deeper understanding of the product as well as the market.

“We believe ‘second innings’ is a good thing for both the organization and the employee because both know what to expect out of each other, says Harrish M. Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer 94.3 MY FM. “It is often seen & noticed that re-hires are equipped with better abilities to perform and be more productive at work than before. Their experience, wisdom and maturity can take the organization altogether to the next level. This is what MY FM is looking forward to by hiring ex employees”.

Re-hiring helps the organization to cut down on training costs, brings down the productivity lost due to time taken by a new hire to start producing results, enhances employer branding, ensures better fit – clarity on both sides – employer as well as employee and brings diverse experience to the organization. Taking the same thought forward, MY FM as a conscious strategy will be hiring ex – employees for various positions within the organization.

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