48 temples in ruins: Experts

Minister for Endowments C Ramachandraiah said that the experts committee, which was appointed in 2010 and comprising seven engineers headed by retired chief engineer Kondala Rao has indentified 48 temples in the state to be renovated as early as possible.

Addressing media on Thursday, Ramachandraiah said that the government has evolved a plan for the renovation and has started the works. He said that the six temples out of 48 were under the purview of archeological department.

He said that they took up construction of Raja Gopuram in Srikalahasti and archeological officials objected the renovation work of Sivaji Gopuram in Srisailam. “Archeology department, at one stage, argued that there was no need to renovate the Sivaji Gopuram. It did not allow us to take up the renovation work. Because of the delay, ten feet height of the Gopuram collapsed on Wednesday”, he said.

Explaining the action plan, he said that the government has called for an emergency meeting with archeological officials on the dilapidated temples. He said that Kodandaramaswamy temple at Ontimitta, Gopurams of Chennakesava and Ramalingeswara Swamy temples at Sanivarapupet in Eluru, Mahanandeeswara Swamy temple in Mahanandi, Ramalingeswara Swamy temples at Dharmapuri in Karimnagar and Kusumanchi in Khammam districts were identified to be in dilapidated condition and they should be renovated in an expeditious manner. “The renovations of these temples were delayed because of difference of opinion of archeological officials”, he said.

Referring to the setting up of vedic school in Tirupathi, he said that a devotee offered Rs 1 crore for the vedic school. He said that the intake of the students became a problem as the students were opting for software related studies instead of learning Vedas. There were limited scholars in Atharvaveda and Samaveda. He said that a meeting was held recently with the pundits on how to overcome the issue. He said that providing financial support to the students who completed Vedas was also discussed.

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